Best of all possible Worlds (Kris Kristofferson)

I was runnin' through the summer-rain tryin' to catch the evenin' train
And kill that old familiar pain weavin' through my tangled brain
But when I tipped my bottle back I smacked into a cop I didn't see.

That policeman said: Mister Cool, if you ain't drunk, then you're a fool,
I said: if that's against the law, then tell me why I never saw
A man locked in that jail of yours who wasn't just as low down poor as me.

Well, that was when someone turned out the lights
And I wound up in jail to spend the night
And dream of all the wine and lonely girls
In this best of all possible worlds.

Well, I woke up next morning feelin' like my head was gone
And like my thick old tongue was lickin' somethin' sick and wrong
And I told that man I'd sell my soul for something wet and cold as that old cell.

That kindly jailor grinned at me all eaten up with sympathy,
Poured himself another beer and came and wispered in my ear:
If booze was just a dime a bottle, boy, you couldn't even buy the smell.

I said I knew there was somethin' I liked about this town,
But it takes more than that to bring me down, down, down,
`Cos there's still a lotta wine and lonely girls
In this best of all possible worlds.

Well, they finally came and told me they were goin' to set me free
And I'd be leavin' town if I knew what was good for me
I said it's nice to learn that everybody's so concerned about my health.

I said I won't be leavin' no more quicker than I can,
`Cos I've enjoyed about as much of this as I can stand,
And I don't need this town of yours more than I never needed nothin' else.

`Cos there's still a lotta drinks that I ain't drunk
And lots of pretty thoughts that I ain't thunk
And, Lord, there's still so many lonely girls
In this best of all possible worlds.