Late John Garfield Blues (Kris Kristofferson)

Black faces pressed against the glass where the wind leaned its way,
Windblown scars and topped-down cars all share one western tray,
Sadness leaks through tearstained cheeks, from winos to dimestore jews,
Problably don't know they gave me these Late John Garfield Blues.

Midnight fill on Franklin Street, the lampballs always broken,
For the live of me I could not see, but I heard a brand new joke:
Two men were standin' on a bridge, one jumped and screamed: you lose.
Just left the odd man holdin' these Late John Garfield Blues.

I'm goin' away to the last resort in a week or two real soon,
Where the fish don't bite but once a night in the dark light of the moon.
The horses screamed their nightmare-dreams and the dead men all wear shoes,
Cos everybody's dancin' these Late John Garfield Blues.